USB Rechargeable Voice Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

Lilac Milo

1,Lithium battery fuselage integrator;
2,double 90 sets data memory;
3,Clear large screen display;
4,WHO blood pressure health status warning strip;
5,live voice Talking system guides the whole process and reports the result;
6,Cycle charging, no pollution, environmental protection and quick;
Response Time:About 60 seconds
Memory:2 * 90 memory
Measurement Range
Pressure Range:0 to 260 mmHg;
Pulse Range:40 to 199 beats/minute;
Accuracy Pressure :± 3mmHg (± 0.4KPa );
Pulse:± 5%;
Cuff size:13.5cm~19.5cm
Product Size: 65*80*28 mm (L x W x H)
Package Size:95*95*108mm(L x W x H)
net Weight:114g;
Gross weight:260g
Battery:DC 3.7V 0.5A type B

1. Main Body
2. Grey Cuff
3. Instruction Manual
4. Product box

Why use this blood pressure monitor get the result are not the same as the hospital?
There are some deviation.
Beause of the measurement environment, Please measure the blood pressure follow the instruction, and To get the most accurate results when testing:
Test the same time every day.
Put the cuff on in the right place as per instructions on Wrist.
30 minutes prior to testing dont eat, exercise, smoke or drink alcohol.
While testing sit in a relaxed position with your feet straight in front of you and your arm resting on the table.
Do not cross your legs.
In the use of this device, please read the details of this statement in order to correct the measured value, please save this for later reference manual and warranty ,if you need additional details , please consult your doctor.
Please connect the wristband with left hand from 5 – 10 mm (about one finger width), if the distance is too long, you will get a error message of ” Err 003″, and unable to do any operation.